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Also on the agenda for the president and legislators: a request from Louisiana governor for $2.8 billion in federal assistance to help the state recover from devastating flooding. Gov. John Bel Edwards last week had requested $2 billion, but upped the amount on Monday.

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Figure 1: Imaging Through Thick Scattering.(a) Optical setup. A ti:sapphire laser is scattered by a diffuser sheet (D) to make a distant point source that is used to illuminate the mask. The mask is adjacent to the 15mm tissue phantom which is imaged with a streak camera.

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Department of Health and Environmental Control in obtaining a

Berkeley County has promised to supersede state action if the state’s environmental agency does not stop the smell coming from the GenEarth bioenergy plant. Department of Health and Environmental Control in obtaining a corrective action plan to address the odor problem. A letter will be sent to DHEC asking for the agency to work with the county Water and Sanitation Department..

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